The Monero ATM Project

A do-it-yourself automated teller machine that runs free software.

Exchange cash

Withdraw Monero for fiat instantly or print vouchers for cash withdrawals.

Many currencies

Exchange any fiat supported by your bill / coin acceptor of choice.


Want to use another SBC or a QR scanner instead of RFID? No problem!


  • A single board computer. Orange Pi Zero 2 is our main development platform, but any Pi would work.
  • Bill acceptor. We are mainly developing for BillyOne UN1 but you can easily write integrations for others.
  • Coin acceptor (HX-616).
  • Thermal printer (QR701 TTL interface).
  • QR Reader Module (YHD-M800D micro USB interface, others should work too).
  • 7-inch HDMI display.
  • 12V 8A power adapter. Depending on your exact components, you might need DC-DC step-down converters. Cables.

Estimated cost for a single build varies between 200 - 400 euros.


  • Written in Go.
  • Secure with configurations only ever stored in memory and remote MoneroPay instance used for transactions.


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